NC Toy Con Saturday April 6th


Come check us out at the NC ToyCon at the Kids Marble Museum in downtown Raleigh on Saturday, April 6th from 9-4!

Shazam will be playing on the IMAX screen so you won’t want to miss this!





TFC Photron (Reflector) Transformers Review


I just got (finally!) TFC Photron. I freaking love this bad boy. Check him out!

He-Man and The Masters of the Universe


Check out what my boy Ian just snagged for a steal!

Animazement 2016: Attending as Anubis and Fem Jack Skellington Cosplay / Final Post


Yesterday, my husband and I attended Animazement in Raleigh, NC. This year, it seemed like there were less participants than last year, but I think that may have been because it is Memorial Day weekend.

Anyway, my husband attended as Anubis and I as a female Jack Skellington.

Now, beyond that, I have decided to discontinue updating this blog. Although I immensely enjoy blogging, I do not have the proper time or energy to dedicate to this craft – for that is truly what it is. Bloggers make up a wonderful community – a network of people that post what they love, feel, and see. And it is unfair for me to want anyone else to come on my blog and enjoy what I post when I don’t have the proper time to return the favor.

I thoroughly enjoy blogging and may one day return. But, for now, I must bid adieu.

As always, thanks for reading and never stop geeking out!


Geek Meme Friday!


Yay! It’s Friday! And like most people, I am uber-ready to finish out the work week and start relaxing.

To celebrate, I thought I would post some fun geek meme’s I’ve found on the internet.



RWBY Ruby Rose Gun Tutorial


As most of you already know, about 3 weeks ago, I decided to build my version of Ruby Rose’s gun.

Sorry, I’ve never done a tutorial before (or made anything like this) but here are basic steps I followed:

First, I found a couple of images online that I could use for reference and inspiration.


After staring at them for what was probably too long, I sketched and cut out the main pieces from foam board.


Then, I spray painted each individual piece (I learned from my mistake of when we built my scythe because the painting took forever!). After painting the basic pieces ( 2 long pieces to house the inner box which I cut the tops off and then glued just inside to create an extra dimension and 6 pieces to house my PVC piping) I glued them all together.

While allowing all of the pieces to dry, I completely disassembled a Nerf gun – knowing that I wanted to use its handle and casing. I figured that I would remove all of the innards in order to keep the weight as light as possible. Frankly, that Nerf gun was a goldmine!


I spray painted all of the pieces that I wanted to use and put the rest aside for a rainy day (who knows when they’ll come in handy again?).

Then, I created a smaller box out of foam board to go around the PVC pipe that sat below what I’m going to call the rifle barrel and gun sight. I cut out 3 pieces of foam board in order to make the shoulder butt (sorry, I have no idea if that’s what it’s actually called) and used some black foam board in order to help give it that curved look. I also cut out 4 circles to create the gears. I painted these using 2 different shades of red in order to create a more mechanical, 3D effect.


For the straight lines on the gun, I used electrical tape. For the small circles, I used Dremel sanding parts. I used the same Dremel pieces on the shoulder butt.


In order to give the gears additional depth, I glued them onto Lays potato chips lids (for the larger ones) and then glued that to my gun. For the smaller one, I only had to glue an additional half shape because it sat where the 2 pieces of foam board met.

3In the end, I put the PVC pipe through the gun, glued it in place, then assembled all of the pieces of the Nerf gun in place so that my gun had a believable barrel and sight.


Frankly, I’m really freaking proud of this gun. I’ve never built anything like this before and can’t wait to build something else.


But before I can do that, I need to finish making my Jack Skellington cosplay. Animazement is only a month away!

Prince Dies at 57


I was originally going to post my Ruby Rose Gun tutorial but instead saw the shocking news that Prince has died at 57.

Color me shocked.

I grew up listening to Prince, loving Prince, wishing to be on stage with Prince.

I participated in the argument: who is better? Michael Jackson or Prince?

Both legends have now passed away and I still can’t answer that question.

Out of respect for his passing, I won’t post my tutorial until tomorrow.

Prince, you will be missed.


Geeking out at Oak City Comic Con


On Saturday, April 16, 2016, we attended Oak City Comic Con at the Raleigh Convention Center. Originally, my husband had planned on a doing a Mario Brothers spinoff cosplay but became deeply imbedded in building armor for a cosplay for Animazement (coming up quickly in May!) and I had planned on debuting my female Jack Skellington but… well, I decided to wait for next month.

Instead, I went with a RWBY Ruby Rose variant. Within the course of 3 weeks, I did my first start-to-finish build and created Ruby’s gun – which I think is a super-sweet weapon that is underutilized not just in cosplay but in the series. (I will post pictures of the build in my next post.)

Anyway, we had a blast. Not only was the convention at a larger venue than last year (it was at a hotel) but it had more attendees, guest panels, and vendors. Frankly, I can’t wait to see what it grows into next year!