How / Why I became a Geek

At OmegaCon in Philly, PA

At OmegaCon in Philly, PA

I guess since I was a young boy, I’ve been a huge fan of cartoons. I remember, as a kid waking up early in the morning before school, and running down the stairs so I could watch Voltron, Transformers, He-man, or GI-Joe. (I must admit I was also a huge fan of the Muppet Babies.) On Saturdays, we all remember sitting in front of the TV in our pajama’s, eating an over-sized bowl of Captain Crunch, and eagerly awaiting our favorite show.

If you haven’t realized it yet, I’m an 80’s baby. Yeah, I loved everything from the Ninja Turtles to Jem and the Holograms. As I grew older, “As we all must sadly do,” my tastes also evolved.

Oh happy day when Dragon Ball Z hit the air in the U.S.!

It’s honestly what got me started working out. While most of the boys in my school worked out for football or basketball practice, I, on the other hand, worked out with the sole intention of going beyond Super Saiyan!

I knew I was weird growing up. While most other kids cared about getting the most expensive shoes at 14, I was still dragging my mom to Toys R US, looking for the new Power Ranger toys.

Now you may not think that that’s not tooooooo strange. (And if that’s the case, than this is definitely for you!)

Well, let me give you a little bit of background info on myself – “If I can just get personal for a moment.” I grew upOmegaCon, Philly, PA on the Mean Streets of Youngstown OH, where gang and drug violence ran rapid. Seriously, police sirens became my bed time lullabies. For me, the worlds of X-men or the VR Troopers where easier to live in. And trust me, as a black male in the hood, I wasn’t looked upon as normal. I still played with toys at 12, while most of my friends were already playing with girls. But that’s enough about that.

As time went on, I continued to enjoy my ‘toons. And after getting married at the tender age of 21 to my beautiful wife of 12yrs now, I have amassed quite the collection of toys, have started attending comic and toy conventions, and have even gotten into customizing transformers – which I’m getting pretty good at. (Some of my work can be viewed, under the user name Rodimusblack. Explanation of name: Rodimus Prime was my favorite Prime, so it sucks that he never really got a chance to be the real leader of the Autobots, It made me upset that they made him so insecure in the G1 series, all so they could bring back Optimus Prime, which was to satisfy the crybabies. It’s like “C’mon pass the torch already, let Optimus retire. He’s been fighting the good fight for eon’s now.” And the “black” part should be self-explanatory. Sorry got off on a rant.)

So, I wanted to keep this under 500 words (didn’t succeed but came close) so readers wouldn’t get bored. Anyway, thisDSCN6242 is just my way of chronicling my journey as a geek, and reaching out to the rest of my fellow geeks as I prepare to start my own little business of turning something I love into something more. {lease stand by as I will be posting plenty of pics, including events, my collection, some really cool costumes, and some really cool custom work from myself and friends.

Hope this was a good read, and please feel free to share your geek story here. I would love to read them. Laterz.

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