I Have Wizard Eyes! They See Everything!

As much as I love Adventure Time, it would really suck to be the Ice King. His character, just like so many others on this odd, yet deep cartoon, has flourished. I was glad when they started explaining his story and saddened by the events that have led him to where he is. Marceline, who is one of my all time favorite characters, has always held onto the hope that one day the Ice King will return to being Simon.

His sacrifice, though tragic, was selfless and necessary.

Because he put on that crown, he saved the world. But he lost himself.

We all wear different hats, and most of the time, they don’t transform our physical characters to reflect the changes that slowly occur within us. We allow society and responsibilities and reality to drag us down and fundamentally change who we are.

My challenge for you today: take off that crown you’re wearing. Stop being the Ice King for a few hours. Return to being Simon. See if you don’t feel better knowing that you were true to yourself, at least for a little while.

And if you’ve never seen Adventure Time, do yourself a favor: give it a chance. It’s goofy and silly but the character development is unbelievable. The adventures and relationships are intertwined, weaved beautifully. You won’t be disappointed.

Thanks for reading! And may all your adventures lead to happiness!

ice_king_and_gunters_adventure_time_fanart_by_cavaferdi-d66zeij  simon_and_marceline_i_remember_you_by_cavaferdi-d5muzri


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