It’s Gaming Time! Let’s Play Pac-Man! Or Donkey Kong!

Happy S.H.I.T. Day!!!!1 (So Happy It’s Thursday = SHIT)

To celebrate the fact that we are one day closer to the weekend, I feel that everyone should take a break from whatever monotonous task they are working on. Is it not time to lazily browse the internet? Clicking on links that you don’t really care about? Stores that claim to have sales but really are showing you the same tired merchandise that they showed you last week? Merchandise that you think, “Yeah, one day I’ll buy that. It’ll look super great on me.” And I agree. Why not? Why not reward yourself with a treat? Something that you’ve been wanting but have put off on purchasing?

And if you don’t feel like shopping, no fear. I have the cure!

You’ve worked hard this week – don’t you deserve a small break? (Don’t worry, if your boss catches you, I’ll take the blame. You can tell them it was my idea and my fault because I provided some pretty nifty links to help you along the way to Goof Town.)

The first link I have is a product of Google Doodle. (Oh, that’s so much fun to say!)

A couple of years ago, for Pac-Man’s 30th anniversary, Google had a Doodle version of the game on their home page. How delighted I was! I had to share this discovery with all of my friends. We wasted a considerable amount of time playing this and I hope you join in doing the same!

1When they come out with their version of Galaxy Quest, Centipede, or even Dig Dug, I think I’ll lose an entire day playing those! Those are the old arcade type games that I’m truly looking forward to!

But, since they don’t have those yet, here are a few more cool links from Google Doodle:

Interactive Rubik’s Cube:


Star Trek 46th Anniversary Game


Doctor Who 50th Anniversary Game


Donkey Kong:


And finally, because what time waster would be complete without this?

Mario Racing Tournament


Here’s a site that has a laundry list of games that you can play on your desktop:

Hopefully, you’ll find something you like!

If none of these are in your taste, you can always watch funny cat / dog videos on Youtube!

Thanks for wasting some time with me today. I hope you enjoy these games! I know I do.


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