#TBT Throwback Thursday – Living Life to the Fullest

So I guess Thursday’s have been designated as the day when we should all delve into our past and pick something awesome to remember.

Shouldn’t that be every day?

Although we should constantly strive to create new memories and enjoy our time here, there’s nothing wrong with appreciating where we’ve come from. The past may not always be pleasant and it may not always be easy to come to terms with, but the fact is, the things that we’ve been through are the things that create us. They are the things that make us who we are. The things that build character.

And even if yesterday wasn’t a good day, that doesn’t matter. Today can be better. If you make it. If you want it to be. Of course it’ll take some hard work – but what in life doesn’t?

When we watch or read anything – be it movies, anime, cartoons, novels, magna, or comic books – the thing that keeps the audience watching is the drama, the struggle. If everything were handed to the characters, the plot would be boring, the main characters hated, and the show over within 15 minutes. How anticlimactic would that be?

When you think about it, we kind of need something similar to this in our everyday lives. This is what keeps things interesting. Not to say, obviously, that there aren’t times when we want things to be easy, but if everything were easy where would the challenge be? Personally, I enjoy a good challenge – which is not the same thing as struggling. It keeps me from being bored. It keeps me from feeling like knocking over my cubical wall and staring out at the parking lot while I carve a fish at my desk. (Quick shout out to Office Space. Love that movie. If you’ve never seen it, and you work in an office, or hell, just plain work, do yourself a favor and look it up. It’s hysterical. Which is actually my throwback. This movie is from 1999.)

Whatever you do in life, never lose sight of your goals. Never lose sight of who you are. Never lose sight of where you come from.

Remember, life is made up of a lot of little moments. Enjoy those moments.

But whatever you do, don’t get caught up in the past. It’s nice to take a walk down memory lane but you can’t move forward if you’re constantly looking behind.



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