Sorry, George Lucas, But You’re Not Fooling Me

Every time I look at my cute (and fluffy) little Shih Tzu dog, I am reminded of the Ewoks off Star Wars (among other mythical creatures). How wonderful it would be to dress him up!

His big eyes are full of expression and his face is cut in the shape of a Teddy Bear’s. He even has the same snaggle-tooth. In short, if he walked around on his hind legs making the tongue clucking sounds, he would be an Ewok – he wouldn’t just look like one.

But if you’ve ever performed a Google search for dog Ewok costume, then you know that these costumes don’t exist. (Except for the ones made by people on places like Etsy – but those don’t count. Well, they do, but they’re not what I’m talking about. I’m talking about licensed costumes.)

In a world perpetrated by greed, why would a company not want to capitalize every opportunity? Why would they not makes these costumes?

Well, that’s obvious. George Lucas doesn’t want anyone to realize that he was inspired to create his character based off of a dog breed. Now, I’m not necessarily saying that he was looking at a Shih Tzu when he thought of them, but it doesn’t mean that he wasn’t inspired by this breed or a similar one.

As artists, aren’t we all inspired by something?

Where is the shame in that?

One of the most beautiful aspects of being an artist is being inspired by others. I spend multiple hours looking through art, reading, listening to music, dissecting things, being inspired, appreciating. I know that the world is filled with art. I am surrounded by things that make me feel, that garner emotion. Things that inspire or make me cry or fill me with elation or even make me angry or uncomfortable. Things that fill me with passion or disdain. Things that make me happy to be alive.

There’s nothing new under the sun. What’s new is your interpretation. How you tell it. How you share your vision with the world.

And even if he was inspired by a small toy breed dog, that’s what George Lucas did. He told a story that made people feel. He inspired all of us to keep dreaming.

So, for that, thank you George Lucas, but remember, you’re not fooling me.

Marley, the Ewok

Marley, the Ewok


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