Kitten Kurling: Fun for the Entire Family!

Regardless of where you live, at this point, you are probably cold and angry. Even if your temperature has not dropped into the single digits, it is probably colder today than what you are accustomed to being. I pulled this map off of


(Sorry that it’s only for the US)

It’s pretty disgusting.

But I have a proposal of what we can do with all of that extra ice and cold: Kitten Kurling (I know it’s spelled “curling” but it’s cuter this way).

All we need to do is get a couple of really cute, really fluffy kittens, put ice skates on them, and put them on the ice. We grab Kurling Bars (glorified push brooms) and away we go! We now have a sport that anyone can enjoy and a reason to be okay with the fact that we’re cold. Because at least this way, we’ll be entertained!

Now, I know putting ice skates on a kitten is dangerous:

kitten skater

So, maybe we should just do this instead:


Because otherwise, we’ll end up with this:


Besides, does anyone really think of Curling as a sport? (No offense to the Olympic team or anything. Yeesh. Can’t please everyone!)

So, wherever you are, no matter how cold you are, find yourself a kitten, make some mini ice skates, bundle up, and go out in search of some ice. But make sure it’s solid. We don’t want any casualties.

And if Kitten Kurling doesn’t sound like something you’d enjoy, I have another idea (but this one is a whole lot more dangerous so you might not like it):


(Don’t worry, those are just people in costumes. I think. Maybe their Furries. Hopefully not. I don’t know. Anything’s possible. I don’t know of any polar bear characters that they could be cosplaying as so…. whatever. Awesome pic. Thanks internet.)

Good luck with the Kitten Kurling and stay warm and safe!


Note: No Kittens were hurt during the making of this post. Thank you.


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