Marley, the Not-So-Happy Shih Tzu Teady Bear, is Not into Cosplay

After watching some really adorable videos on YouTube of Munchin, the Shih Tzu Teady Bear, we decided to try to recreate the magic with our own dog. And here is the story (in picture form) of our attempt.

Our dog’s short, everyday name is Marley. His full name is “Bob Marley Panda Bear Pants.”  (Quick explanation: Bob Marley because when we got him, his fur was knotted and we said we were going to dread it like Bob Marley’s and Panda Bear Pants because of his colors.) So, when I went looking for a stuffed animal, I tried to find a Panda Bear. When I couldn’t find one that was the right size, I tried to find a bunny. (Why? Don’t know. But it would have been funny. And different.)

But, nope, no luck.

In the end, I bought a really cute teddy bear with a bow tie that Marley tried desperately to play with (code for “hump”) as I ripped out the stuffing. But I was determined to turn the bear into a costume (cosplay for the entire family!)…..

As you can see from the pics, he wasn’t very happy with the idea of wearing this suit and struggled valiantly – though to no avail.


Don’t worry, we made it up to him….


After we got these pics…..


4The moment we took it off, he bit it and wouldn’t let go.

Which started a pretty mean game of tug-of-war.



See, he got his revenge – and some exercise, since he was jumping up and down trying to murder the empty stuffed animal. And outside of forcing him to pose for those pics, we’ve not made him wear the costume again.

But I make no promises that we won’t have a repeat if we happen to stumble upon a stuffed Panda….

And please, pay no mind to the custom transformers in the background. That’s a post for another day.



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