Oak City Comic Show Convention (Cosplayers Welcome!)

This past Sunday, March 1, we attended the 1st annual Oak City Comic Show Convention at the Hilton in Raleigh, NC. It was exciting to see how many people showed up in cosplay – though I am ashamed to admit that we were not among those in costume.

This has been a really busy time in our lives. Since September, we have moved from Ohio to North Carolina, had to secure new employment, housing, and are trying to learn our way around a new crowded city while attempting to make friends. Also, during this time, we have decided that we want to be more involved in the fandom community and decided that the best way for us to let our geek shine is by opening a store catering to people just like us.

We’ve been frustrated with limited availability of items at chain stores, only being able to find costumes online or at Halloween, and feeling disconnected from the geek community, for some time now. It seems that our decision is part of the natural progression of our lives.

Figuring out what steps to take to become licensed and operating has been difficult and expensive. The process has taken much longer than we expected but that’s ok. We’re finally at a point where we can start looking into funding options. Even though it’s already March, we’re optimistic that we can open a physical storefront before the year is out. We had originally planned on having a website up and running by this point, but due to lack of funds, that had to take a back burner.

For the moment, we figured we’d just have fun with the process and not get too stressed out over everything. And going to the convention on Sunday was a great way of reminding ourselves of this.

The next convention that we’re attending is less than 2 weeks away so I’m not sure we’ll dress up for that one either. But it doesn’t matter. It won’t stop us from having a blast. Hope to see you there!

Thanks as always for enjoying!


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