Yay for Cosplay! Transforming into Ruby Red from RWBY

We recently started working on cosplay outfits for our next convention and they are coming along nicely.

I have decided to be Ruby Red from Rwby.

If you’ve never heard of the series, it’s on YouTube or available as 2 episodes on Netflix (that way you don’t have to watch each individual one). Which we binge-watched, by the way.

The drawing style is similar to old-school PS1 video games but the storyline, fighting, and character development, were spectacular, and this has quickly turned into a popular character to cosplay.

Here is Ruby in all of her beautiful glory:


And though it may not seem like much at the moment, here is the start of my costume:


So far, I have a cross for the belt (I prefer the cross over the rose), the crosses for her hood, the material for her cape (which I’ve not started on yet but keeping telling myself that I need to do), the red tulle material to sew inside of the sleeves and for the top of the boots, and a black and red wig that I still need to style.


Unfortunately, we realized that the scythe is way too large and heavy for me and I want to be able to swing it around (just in case I need to show off a little) so we’re scraping it and starting again (even though it’s true to proportions for Ruby). I know there are people who use different types of plastic to make their weapons and armor, but we’re trying to use cardboard since we recently moved and have a lot to spare (hey, cosplaying is not cheap).

Now, that may not seem like much of a start, especially since I have to redo the scythe, but I’ve ordered a bunch of pieces and they are slowly making their way to me. Hopefully, I’ll get an opportunity over the weekend to start on the cape, which should be interesting, since I’ve never made one before.

So, that’s going to be my costume. In my next post, I hope to show off the costume my husband’s been working on for himself. Though I may make him write up his own blurb.

Until then, I hope you can find some inspiration in our geekness and can find your own inner cosplayer. If you already know who that is, please feel free to share. I love the diversity the fandom world shares.


12 thoughts on “Yay for Cosplay! Transforming into Ruby Red from RWBY

    • Thanks so much! Too bad, we already ripped it apart. 😦

      But, we started on a new one last night and it’s being made out of a PVC/Styrofoam plastic board that we stumbled upon. It’s a little smaller, but much lighter. Which should make it easier to wield.

      And I love the crosses! The largest one is actually made out of wood and I found it at our local A.C. Moore and painted it. I wanted the silver to be 2 different shades to create additional depth.

      Next up: starting on the cape. That should be fun!


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    • I’m sooooo sorry this reply is so late! This went to the spam folder for some reason and I just discovered it. Thank you so much for your positive comments! I’m really enjoying this blogging thing and I guess it shows. 🙂

      Stay tuned, next week I should finally have an updated post to this one – including pics of my brand new scythe (I have to finish painting it this weekend).


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