Spawn: A Cosplay in Progress

As promised on Monday’s post, here are some pictures of the Spawn cosplay in progress.

This is the Spawn character that we are using as inspiration: DSCN6888

First, we have his “cape.” (I use this word for lack of a better term. I know that it’s really part of his body armor and parasitic suit and is directly linked to his thoughts and emotions but what else can you call it but a cape? The problem is, when you think of the word, “cape,” you tend to think of capes like Superman’s, or Batman’s, or even Wonder Woman’s. See the problem?)

It’s been a challenge figuring out how to create the top so that it frames the head but I think we almost have it. It’s a little long and I’m afraid someone might step on it but it should be fine (hopefully).


Outside of the cape, we’ve started on the body armor pieces for the arms. One piece is almost completely finished and the other one was just started on Tuesday. They are made out of yoga mats and paper mache cones.


It may not seem like much yet, but it’s taken awhile to get to this point.

It’s time consuming trying to find or build all of the necessary pieces (an ax, his mask, boots, body suit, chains, etc.) – especially while working on another cosplay outfit: my Ruby Red.

But, as we go along, I’ll continue posting updates. I can’t wait until these are finished and we can move on to our next project. And I especially can’t wait to show them off at the next convention we attend! Hope to see you there!


3 thoughts on “Spawn: A Cosplay in Progress

    • Thanks! We still need to tatter it – because Spawn definitely doesn’t have a clean look – and we bought some Mod Podge Fabric Stiffener to apply. Should be interesting!

      And thanks for visiting! Feel free to follow, if you haven’t already. And I was checking out your site. You got some nice stuff there. 🙂

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