The Tough Decisions of an Anime Fan

I was recently asked the following question:

If you could have one Super Power (from any anime/movie/series/comic/concept) what would it be? And no, you’re not allowed to be like Cartman or Superman and say, “My super power is to have all the powers,” because that’s cheating.

I had to stop and think about this for a while. Only one power? Not that I’m trying to be greedy or anything, but could I perhaps have two powers?

Because what good is it to fly if I can’t have super enhanced senses – meaning, be able to see there’s a disturbance in the distance, or hear the plane that’s coming right at me. I know you may be thinking, “How could you not see or hear these things while flying?” Well, my thought is that when you’re moving at high speeds, everything’s a blur, plus the wind turbulence would be so great that all other sounds would be drowned out. And man, does that mean that I’d have swimmer’s ear and they’d constantly pop? Or, ugh, would I have to worry about birds pooping on me? Also, would there be limits to how long or far or fast I could fly? Would I know these things before I took off or would I be soaring through the air one moment and crashing to the ground the next? Uh, no thank you.

Ok, so I guess that rules out flying as my power.

Not that I would have actually chosen flying. I’m terrified of heights. And falling. Yes, of both. Not just one or the other. Definitely both.

The power I think I’d like to have has to do with fire. Yes, definitely fire. But I’m torn on how I want to be able to control it. Do I want to be a Fire Bender like in Avatar: The Last Airbender:


or do I want to be made of fire like Flame Princess in Adventure Time?


I can’t lie. That’s a pretty tough decision.

But frankly, I’d have to choose to be a firebender. But not just any firebender. No, if I’m being honest, I’d want to be like Azula from Avatar. Yes, she was evil but she knew how to manipulate lightening. How freaking awesome is that?


What? Did you think I was going to be greedy and ask for Aang’s powers – the ability to control all the forces of nature? See, I already told you, you can’t ask for the power to have all the power. Sheesh, weren’t you listening?


Since that’s the power I’m choosing, please, someone, please, whatever happens, don’t let me go insane like Azula. The poor thing. She couldn’t come to grips with the fact that her screw up brother surpassed her. She couldn’t handle the thought that she’d failed.

Hmmm, I also have difficulty with failure and defeat. Maybe I should rethink this decision….. Nah! I’m too much of a fire starter to do that.

Though, with that being said, the only reason I wouldn’t choose Flame Princess is because I want to control fire – not be made of fire. I’d like to be able to turn it on and off. To wield it when and if I see fit. Besides, it’s kind of hard to deny accusations that you’re the one that caused a fire-related tragedy if you’re ALWAYS on fire. You can NEVER hide the evidence.


Which all leads to the conclusion that I don’t even have a choice when it comes to what super power I’d have. Fire runs through me and I always try to let my flame burn bright.

What about you – my faithful followers? What power would you choose?


For the record, though completely off topic, M. Night Shamillanannngananananag’s movie version of Avatar was one of the worst movies I’ve ever seen – worse than Digging Up the Marrow. The moment they mispronounced Aang’s name as Aung, I was ready to walk out…. but was forced to stay. He completely missed the subtlety, the friendship, struggle that occurred throughout the series, and, in my opinion, effectively killed any further chances of someone else getting to redeem the show as a movie. But I don’t care. The series will go down as one of my all-time favorites. Even if it was on Nicktoons.

And sorry for all the gifs, but I was having fun.


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