Geeking Out at Steel City Con

This past weekend was the much anticipated Steel City Con. As previously stated, we were unable to attend – being that it’s in PA and we are now physically in NC; however, my sister and brother-in-law were kind enough to take pictures while they shopped.

Steel City Con is a bi-annual event that generates a larger crowd with every occurrence. And with larger crowds come more creative cosplayers, better deals, and bigger celebrities.

We were truly disappointed that we were unable to attend but are looking forward to The Festival of Legends this weekend (which, from the description on their website, kind of seems like a magical medieval faire/steampunk event), Animazement in May, and then (unless I find something else before then) Cosplay America in August.

Every time I perform a search for conventions, events, and festivals, I find more. I love the fact that our counterculture is becoming more prevalent. Even those that don’t realize they are geeks still geek out over certain movies or characters or series.

I wonder how far away acceptance really is.


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