The Color of My Fandom

There is a marked difference between the things that I collect and the things that my husband collects. He likes Transformers, big bad robots that look like they can kick ass without breaking a sweat, sexy anime figures with sleek lines and high detail, and gory McFarlane type figures that will give you nightmares. If you look at his collection, it is diverse – with something that everyone can relate to. He has everything from TMNT to Voltron to Code Geass to Death Note to Final Fantasy to Aliens and Predators.

But me, no, I’ve learned that the items I collect are different than what he collects. I am a connoisseur of cute. If it is small and adorable, I’m probably going to want it – even if I don’t like the series or movie or genre that it comes from.

My collection includes My Little Pony, Corpse Bride, M&M’s, Adventure Time, Teen Titans, and Littlest Pet Shop. I have plush figures from several animes and even a pillow pet.

My desk at work is littered:


There are toys in front of my books:


In my closet (for picture purposes, in front of my closet):


And intermixed with my husband’s massive collection:


All of this is not to say that I don’t appreciate what my husband collects – I am personally responsible for at least half of it – but this is to say that our tastes are different.

Every fan has those items that they appreciate and admire. But those are not the same as the items that strike a chord, that scream, “Buy me!” That ‘gotta have it’ is different for everyone.

What items ignite you? Make you reach for your wallet without a second thought because you have to own it, NOW. “Here, take my money, just give me that!”

My fandom is pink and pretty. What color is yours?


The story of my Popple can be found here....

The story of my Popple can be found here….


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