Monopoly and a Duck in a Diaper

Yesterday, I posted some new Collector’s Edition board games that I thought were pretty neat. In doing so, it reminded me of a time we went over a co-worker’s house to play a game of Monopoly. This was several years ago, back before everyone carried a camera in their pocket.

My co-worker’s name was Matt, and his wife’s name, coincidentally, was Amy (same as mine). After we’d known each other for a few months and had multiple discussions about anime and games, we decided to get together to drink wine, eat cheese, and play monopoly.

When we arrived at his house, we were stunned. It was gorgeous. They both loved nature, so they had bought an old brick house in the middle of a nearby park, and spent thousands on restoring it. And it showed. We walked the grounds in awe. Then we went inside.

And realized that there was a… creature, walking around their house. Like it belonged there. It was a DUCK. And it was, well, it was in a DIAPER. They had a duck in a diaper as their pet. They also had a human sized cage in their dining room. Which contained their pet falcon.


Normal people have dogs, cats, guinea pigs, snakes, lizards, parakeets, and even mice as pets.

Not a duck and a falcon. That’s. Not. Normal.

We eventually got over our shock, and with a duck waddling around our feet, settled down to drink and play a game of Monopoly.


That was the worst game I’ve ever played.

Matt and Amy told us that they played using “House Rules” – rules that they made up as the game went on. Within the first 20 minutes, I was completely bankrupt. Not a dollar to my name. And my husband, LaMont, wasn’t far behind me. Of course the other couple won – how could they not? It’s easy to win a game of Monopoly in under 2 hours when you’re cheating.

As we walked away from their house, we quickly vowed to never go back over. If it had just been the duck and the falcon, we could have gotten over that. But. They cheated. At Monopoly. There are a lot of games that I’ve wished had an easy win. Monopoly has never been one of them. The whole point is to go around the board, buy up property, and bargain with the other players. That’s what makes it fun.

But when you cheat, well, that’s just sad.

Note: this is not a picture of the actual duck, just one I found on Google. After performing the search, I realized how common this is…. But it’s still weird. And it was especially weird to me almost 10 years ago in the middle of an inner city. Just… not what you’d expect.



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