**Overdue** Spawn Cosplay Update!

As most of you can imagine, it’s been a busy, hectic past few weeks, and it’s been over a month since I originally posted our cosplay pics.


I apologize that it’s long overdue, but I finally have some updates!

As you can see, the Spawn outfit is almost complete. The body armor is just about finished, and LaMont has been working on sculpting the skulls to affix his “cape” and the chains (which for pic purposes, are simply wrapped around his waist).

The spandex suit still needs painted, but that’s a work in progress.


The bike mask is being used as a shell and the face design will go over it.


Originally, we were going to make an ax, but decided it’s going to be difficult enough to maneuver with the armor, so we traded that in for a couple of automatic (toy) guns.


Although we’re almost finished, we need to hurry. Animazement in Raleigh, NC, is in a couple of short weeks!


Next up, will be the RWBY Ruby Rose cosplay update! Wait till you see my new scythe!

Here's a 'teaser' pic!

Here’s a ‘teaser’ pic!


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