RWBY Ruby Rose Cosplay Crisis!

In my last post about my Ruby costume, I promised pictures of the completed cosplay. Unfortunately, I can’t deliver them. After weeks of scouring the internet, I ordered what I felt to be the perfect dress from China. Black, long-sleeved, billowing skirt. I opted to not go with a turtleneck since I’m in North Carolina and it’s HOT.

natasha-21_11_12-aj-1644_1_1Frankly, I was already debating cutting the sleeves off this thing and using my newly learned sewing skills to turn it into a summer dress.

Cosplay’s all about making a character yours – right?

Anyway, the company I ordered my dress from sent it Registered Mail. I DESPISE Registered Mail. I’m never home when the Post Office tries to deliver, so I have to go online and tell them to redeliver or wait until Saturday.

When I got home from work last Wednesday, there was that annoying orange postcard shoved in my mailbox. It said I could sign and they would leave my package. Okay, good enough. I signed, put it in the mailbox, rescheduled delivery, and thought I would have my dress Thursday – giving me plenty of time to make sure it fell perfectly over my hand-dyed red tulle skirt.


Instead, I received a nasty gram from the carrier with a note saying no one was home, and this time, the box saying someone had to be there was checked.

Ok, whatever. I figured I would just pick it up Saturday since it now said they were going to hold it. Inconvenient but better than going online and rescheduling it and having to wait around all of Saturday morning for the carrier to stop by.


I went to the Post Office Saturday morning and handed my card over to the clerk He goes searching for my package… For almost 10 minutes. When he comes back, he’s empty-handed. He tells me he can’t locate it and that the carrier’s already left for my route. He has me sign the card and tells me that, worst case scenario, my package will be delivered Monday.


Since I didn’t get my package on Saturday – and I decided to wait around for the mail, I was hoping it would be delivered today. About half an hour ago, I decided to look up the tracking number to see if it was delivered. Honestly, I’m glad I did.

They sent my dress back to China.

I’m pretty upset right now, but when I discovered this, I was LIVID. I called the Post Office – aren’t they supposed to hold packages for 15 days before marking them as “Unclaimed” and sending them back? Yes? Then WHY THE HELL DID YOU NOT HOLD MY PACKAGE???

To sum it up: 1st delivery attempt: Wednesday.
2nd delivery attempt: Thursday.
Marked as “Unclaimed” and mailed back to China: Friday.



Because it was the only thing I could do, I filed a formal complaint. Honestly, this is the 2nd time this post office has screwed up a Registered Mail delivery. And, to top it off, I already have a Lost Package claim open with them because I mailed a Priority Mail Package on April 25th that should have been delivered April 28th but never left the sorting facility.

I hate incompetence.

Now, as soon as I leave work, I have to go shopping. This does not make for a happy cosplayer. But, I guess it solidifies my previous thought: maybe I should go with a sundress or something similar. Because at this time of year, I’m not going to be able to find a long-sleeved dress anywhere and my sewing skills are extremely limited. Outside of that, I don’t want to order anything because, well, if you haven’t guessed, I don’t trust my Post Office to deliver it in time for Animazement this weekend.


Next, I think I’ll try to create this outfit instead…..



9 thoughts on “RWBY Ruby Rose Cosplay Crisis!

  1. Oh, good grief! Here in our corner of Mass., the carriers don’t usually even try the door, they just leave the registered mail card on the first try. (Maybe it’s a local decision?) Anyway, there’s simply no excuse for your experience.

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    • I appreciate that! I just talked to a rep today and she was flabbergasted. I told her straight, “I don’t think my carrier likes us.” We get A LOT of packages – several a week – and whenever we see her, she always seems annoyed and with attitude.

      Oh well. I’m trying to find something to make work and I think I’m just going to have to try my hand at sewing. We’ll see how well that works out. 🙂


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