Animazement 2015: (More) Cosplay Pics of Anime, Sci-Fi, Comic Book, Furries, Horror, Gaming, SteamPunk, Equestrian, Fandom, Marvel

Here are the rest of the pics from Animazement. Even though we are no where close to 2016, we are already starting to prepare for next year.

I have 2 different cosplay outfits in mind – one from a McFarlane character, and the other from one of my favorite anime series – Yu Yu Hakusho. It’s been years since the series came out, so no one is really cosplaying the characters anymore. Which is perfect. I was kind of disappointed to realize that I was 1 of 8 RWBY Ruby Rose’s that attended the convention. It’s nice to have a comparison but it’s even better to be the only one. Like Spawn. My hubby was the only one there all weekend.

Also next year, we hope to have a table but that’s a story for a different day.


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