Transformers: Age of Extinction – It Didn’t Suck As Much As I Expected….

Over the weekend, we saw that Netflix now has the most current Transformers movie. After the last one, we vowed to not spend any more money on this franchise as long as it was being directed by Michael Bay.


Because, well, he’s destroying our childhood memories.

But seeing that the movie was on Netflix, we decided to let it play as background noise while we worked on other, more engaging, projects. Because we went in with the attitude that this movie was GONNA SUCK, I think we were able to stomach watching it in its entirety.

Basically, we approached it the same way we did ZomBeavers or Snakes on a Plane: we went in knowing it wasn’t a good movie. Which is really, really, really sad.

The premise of the movie is this: humans are war-hungry idiots that weaponize everything they can get their hands on. Couple this with Michael Bay’s signature style of explosions, fight scenes, and tall, skinny women with big, pouty lips, and you have Transformers. Oh yeah, and the DinoBots were in it. And Optimus Prime rode on Grimlock. Tada! A Michael Bay Production.


Basically, it was bad. But it wasn’t as bad as we expected.

Rumor has it that a 5th movie is in production and Michael Bay not be a part of it:

If only we’re that lucky!

To sum it up, I’m honestly glad Netflix viewers felt the same way we do. Transformers has been rated at 1 ½ stars – meaning most people “Hated It!” (1 star) or “Didn’t Like It” (2 stars). Even Zombeavers had 3.


What’s with the humanoid looking face? It’s downright creepy!


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