Samurai Jack: My First Anime Love

I’ve recently started watching Samurai Jack on Hulu (even though I own the entire box set). Oh, how I’ve missed it.

Over the years, I’ve watched several anime’s which have made me feel: Angel Beats, We Without Wings, Steins;Gate, and Laughing in the Clouds, to name a few. But none have ever affected me in quite the same way as Samurai Jack.

But this is because Samurai Jack is my first anime love.


Throughout the series, all I ever wanted was for Jack to go home. But Aku would never let him.

And Jack, oh my beloved Jack, he was a man of few words. Entire episodes would go by without him uttering more than a dozen words. Which is another thing that makes this anime so very special. Without all of the extra dialogue plaguing current anime’s (Naruto, for example), Jack made me want to help. He made me cry and laugh and sympathize with his plight. He made me rejoice and jump out of my seat. His battles were epic, his quest noble, his spirit unbreakable.

Jack is the definition of perseverance.


No matter how bleak things became, no matter how impossible the situation, he never gave up, he never stopped fighting. Was he weary and battle fatigued? Of course. But he continued fighting for what he knew was right.


And this is why I love him so very much.

It still saddens me that the animators never allowed him to go home and end his struggle. I read an interview that said they planned to make a movie tying up all the loose ends but they never got the chance to do it. For, like so many other great programs on Cartoon Network (Thunder Cats, Mega XRL, Sym-Bionic Titan), it was canceled before it could be finished.

Truth be told, I even played the crappy video game trying to get closure. But none was to be found.

I love Samurai Jack. And I know I’m not the only one. I just wish they would have let him go home. At the end of the day, isn’t that what we all want?



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