Repairing My RWBY Ruby Rose Cosplay

With Cosplay America quickly coming up, it’s time for me to figure out what to do about my skirt. Previously, I struggled with the dress the last time I cosplayed – at Animazement.

I spent hours searching for the perfect dress, just for the post office to mail it back to China. I was very, very angry. Ok, I’ll admit it: I was livid.

Anyway, I tried to make my own skirt. I learned that I need to learn more about sewing before I attempt this again.

So, I went back to searching stores and the internet. This time, I learned my lesson and went with ordering from a closer location.

Since my top is ok, all if did was order the bottom…. but, after searching for pics of Ruby Rose on google, I came across this wonderful image that made me question if wanted a black or red skirt.


Frankly, I love the red skirt. But I don’t know if I want a white or black tulle petticoat. And I don’t know if I should do the straps or keep the corset. Oh, the decisions I have to make. And I need to make them soon since I need to order materials… Oh, what to do? What to do?

Which do I want to go with?

In the end, I ordered both a black and red skirt. Until I try them all on, I have no idea which one I’ll prefer. (And, I still have to figure out the rest of the outfit.)

Once they get here (hopefully sometime next week), I’ll post pics.

I might have ask for a vote.

Luckily, I’ve finished repairing my scythe.1

In the end, we bolted the handle to the blade so that we could take it apart. It was the only way we could figure it out. Otherwise, it’s just impossible to transport.

At least most of my cosplay is fixed. All I need to do is locate the missing bullets that fell off my belt so that I can repair that.


Once we start repairing my hubbie’s Spawn costume, I’ll post updated pics.

We have just under 2 weeks to get everything together.

I can’t wait to go! And I hope to see you there!


5 thoughts on “Repairing My RWBY Ruby Rose Cosplay

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    • Super excited! The skirts are supposed to be delivered today.

      I think it’ll be a breath of fresh air to try something a little different with a Ruby Rose cosplay. As it stands, everyone loves the scythe (it is what makes the cosplay) but I feel the costume should be just as well planned out and due to some…. issues, mine didn’t live up to my expectations last time. But I’m remedying it!

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