Oh, Naruto Shippuden: No Other Anime Can Hurt Me the Way You Do

Every week, for the past several years, I anxiously await the new dubbed episode of Naruto.

The series has moved me in so many ways. I’ve laughed, cried (when Pervy Sage died, when Pain destroyed the entire Hidden Leaf village, when Sasuke was reunited with his brother’s spirit and he told him, “I will always love you”), and have jumped off the couch with excitement. _590__i_will_always_love_you__by_3spn4life-d54cjr5

Granted, there have been other series that I’ve watched that have touched me in similar ways, but none that have lasted as long or been as drawn out as Naruto. I’m almost angry that I ever allowed my heart to be involved with the strange yellow-haired, orange-jumpsuit wearing outcast.

Yesterday, we watched the newest episode (Spoiler Alert!) and parts of it hurt to watch but still made me so very happy. I’m mainly referring to the end when Bushy Brow Sensei (Guy) wielded his “Might Guy.” I knew he was about to die but OH MY GOD DID HE REALLY JUST DO THAT????? Naruto-Storm-4-75

Guy was giving his life and for what? For Madara to reform his body and get back up? Are you serious???

But Naruto appears at the last second and field goals Madura’s attack, then places his hand on Guy’s chest. Life flows back through Guy and in that moment, hope swells through my chest, tears leap to my eyes, and I’m grinning stupidly from ear to ear. 421_thumb-521x334

Of course, the episode ends right there. But that’s not what outraged me. It’s the clips for next week’s show.

How in the hell can you finally come back (after several weeks of fillers) and go right back into fillers? Do you have no regard for your fans?

When will they stop tormenting us? We all know the series is coming to an end – it can’t be helped. Why not do it gracefully and with dignity?

Oh Naruto, why must you hurt me so?bf19bbd6cbb8a86bf56cadc7eb1f430a


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