Cosplay America: A Cosplay-Centric Convention

This past weekend, we attended Cosplay America at the Sheraton in Chapel Hill, NC.

I had planned on going as a RWBY Ruby Rose variant but was once again foiled by the Post Office. All I was missing was a tulle skirt. It left California on Tuesday, August 4th, and was supposed to be delivered on Sunday, August 8th (I know, cutting it close!) but here it is, a week later, and it still hasn’t arrived. I think they’ve lost it….. I don’t know which is worse, losing my package, or sending it back to China….. (If you don’t know that story, it’s here.)


But that’s okay. I made a few tweaks to my RWBY cosplay and I think it looked a lot better this time than it did at Animazement. Last time, I had issues with my skirt and with my wig but this time, everything worked out well. (And yes, that is a massive scythe, but, in all honestly, I’m only 4″8′. Yeah, pretty tiny.)


My husband went as Spawn again and we had a lot of fun posing.

Unfortunately, we didn’t get as many pictures as we would have liked. We made it there kind of late on Sunday and things were wrapping up, but we still enjoyed interacting with all the other cosplayers and look forward to attending next year.

I especially enjoyed posing with the other RWBY cosplayers!

Although I plan on being Ruby again (the variant – hopefully!), I think I’m ready for a new cosplay – frankly, we both are. We put a lot of work into our costumes and want to wear them but we know it’s time to start on new ones. Who will we be? Don’t know yet. But we know we’ll have fun geeking out.


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