The Impossiblity of Doctor Who

We recently finished watching the latest season of Doctor Who on Netflix (just in time for the new season to begin) and there’s something that’s been bothering me ever since.

Warning: this post contains spoilers. But if you haven’t finished watching the latest season yet, what are you waiting for???

First, let me say that the current incarnation of The Doctor is not my favorite. He’s cynical, angry, and has lost his sense of wonder, motivation, and creativity. I understand that he’s currently in a “dark place” but these attributes were what kept me coming back for more.

No matter how impossible the situation, he always cared about his companions, always cared about the planet natives, and tried to do what was right for everyone.

But oh, heavy is the head that wears the title of The Doctor.

My heart hurt when we watched the episode of the Mummy on the train. The decisions he made weren’t The Doctor’s! Who is this imposter? And where is the real Doctor hiding?

Mummy on the Orient Express

Mummy on the Orient Express

But when we watched the episode of the 2 dimensional creatures attacking humans, I once again felt hope. He showed kindness and compassion. He showed that he still cared.



The same is true of the episode where the trees overwhelmed the planet in order to combat the solar shower.

In the Forest of the Night

In the Forest of the Night

All I can say is that I hope the next season shows him returning to his former self. But that’s highly unlikely – based upon the ending of the season finale.

And here’s what’s been bothering me:

First: why would he jump to the conclusion that the Impossible Girl’s love, Danny Pink, had made it home safely when she was obviously distraught – despite wearing the bracelet that would have allowed him to make it back? She was trying to tell him this but he wouldn’t let her talk.

Second: why wouldn’t he tell Impossible Girl that he didn’t locate his home planet? That the Master had lied?

And third – and this is the one that actually bothers me the most: how were Impossible Girl and The Doctor able to rescue an apparent descendent of her bloodline when Pink is dead? (The episode focused on creepy creatures that have perfected the art of hiding and have somehow managed to make it to the edge of time – which brings up a whole other issue on its own: The Doctor said it was 100 years into Clara’s future but they’ve obviously traveled way further than this. If I had written the episode, I wouldn’t have mentioned how far along the time stream it was. I’d let the viewers jump to their own conclusions.)



So, how can they have a kid? I’m hoping they answer this question in the next season but I’m hoping they don’t make her pregnant while on the Tardis like they did with Amy Pond. (Which worked out pretty well, I must admit, I love River’s character, and the way they worked it into the storyline was pretty ingenious but I don’t want to see it again. At least, not so soon.)

What are your thoughts? How do you think Doctor Who will tackle this? Or do you think it will be forgotten and the Doctor will just move on?

Death in Heaven

Death in Heaven

Oh, and if you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a Trailer for Season 9: “Just the Doctor and Clara Oswald in the Tardis.”



3 thoughts on “The Impossiblity of Doctor Who

  1. It’s been a while since I watched last season’s episodes, so I don’t have any detailed recollections, but I was disappointed by most of the season. There were moments I liked, but not much more than that. 12 is growing on me, but I’m done with Clara.

    The pseudo ending of the Christmas Special was beautiful. It showed actual consequences for the Doctor and would have been a lovely, heartbreaking send-off for Clara. But, no. Moffat never gives us real consequences and any emotional punches are immediately pulled.


    • I agree completely. There were so many times when the director’s could have made an emotional connection with the audience – as they have in past seasons – but never quite hit the mark. 12 is (slowly) becoming less cynical and thus, more likeable, but not nearly at a fast enough pace. Sad to say, I didn’t watch the Christmas special. (Netflix didn’t have it but now that I know about it, I’ll check Hulu.) My fingers are crossed with this next season, but we’ll see where it leads us…


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