Attack on Titan Custom Scouts Toys

Inspired by the commenters on my last post, I decided to look up Attack on Titan Scout figures.

I can’t lie: I’m blown away by the detail and pose-ability of many of them.

Inspired even further, I decided to make some custom Attack on Titan Scouts figures using GI Joe’s. Granted, they do not have anywhere near the same level of articulation, but this way, I figured, they would be proportionate to my Titan Barbie doll.

Here’s what I currently have:

DSCN8344 DSCN8347

(I’m debating turning the first GI Joe (the one missing most of his arm) into a zombie from Walking Dead. I think that’d be pretty awesome.)

While the paint was drying, I added a few more layers of Apoxy Sculpt to my Titan Barbie doll. I know I need to do some filing and then add more Apoxy Sculpt, but I’m so nervous that I’ll mess up all my hard work with one ill-placed move.

DSCN8349 DSCN8350 DSCN8359

I hope to finish painting at least 2 of the Scouts before the week is out and then I need to locate some swords and other appropriate weapons. I have some items that I’m debating using but haven’t completely made up my mind yet.


In the end, I plan on turning this into a diorama. If I’m feeling especially creative, I just might make some dilapidated buildings for the scouts to swing from.

I think that would be especially cool. What are your thoughts?


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