Classic Horror Movie Picks

I can’t believe that Halloween is almost here! Which means it’s a great time to watch some classic horror movies.

My first pick is Jeepers Creepers. My husband prefers the sequel, Jeepers Creepers 2, but I prefer the 1st movie. The premise of the movie is quite simple: 2 young adults are driving through the middle of nowhere on their way home from college, when a truck driver scares the mess out of them by being overly aggressive. The driver is none other than the monster. He uses fear to sniff out any body parts he wants. The rest of the movie is spent with him pursuing said body parts.

The sequel is extremely similar, except instead of the focus being on 2 people, it’s on a bus full of teenagers. Both movies are well done, not overly bloody, and full of suspense. It’s one that I would watch today. (If you’re a fan of the movies, a 3rd one is set to begin filming early next year.)


My second pick is Room 1408. This is an adaptation of a short story by Stephen King. The movie is about a gentleman named Mike that is an expert at debunking haunted places. He receives an invention for a prestigious hotel and decides to go. The concierge tries to convince him not to stay in room 1408, the room supposedly haunted, but Mike insists. What follows is a traumatizing night that made me jump and scream. Definitely worth watching.



My last pick of the day is Ghost Ship. This is one of my favorites. The movie opens with the guests on the deck of a luxury cruise ship. A wire snaps, and well, let’s say, it gets a little bloody. Years pass, and a salvage crew makes their way out to the ship to raid its treasure. The dead passengers and crew are bound to the ship and torment the salvagers. The movie doesn’t rely on gore or shock value in order to scare you – which is creative and wonderful. (But be warned, some scenes are brutal, but I don’t think they go over the top – like the Saw movies do.)


Those are some of my top horror movie picks, what are yours?


15 thoughts on “Classic Horror Movie Picks

    • I’ve never seen Silver Bullet but I’m going to have to look that up – especially since I forgot about Dracula 2000. That was a great movie.

      As far as Jeepers Creepers is concerned, there’s a huge internet rumor that they’re finally starting work on a 3rd. Fingers crossed….


      • A third Jeepers Creepers will certainly be interesting. If you need other reasons to watch Silver Bullet, it’s based on a work of Stephen King’s, and the identity of the werewolf is quite surprising. 🙂

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  1. I wouldn’t think of these as classic horrors but they are good horror movies. To me, classic horror movies are like the original Thirteen Ghosts (one in black and white), and The Shinning.


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