Anime Review: One Punch Man

I normally only watch translated anime’s – not because I don’t enjoy the Japanese voices but because I am short on time. I actually prefer the inflection and intensity of Japanese voice actors over English speaking ones. There are times when English just can’t do a situation justice. (Personally, I can’t place the same amount of derision in my voice when calling someone an “idiot” in English as I can when I do it in Japanese. Say it out loud with me: Ugh, idiot. Vs. Baka (pronounced: baaaaka) See? Wasn’t that more fun?)

But One Punch Man is so intense and enjoyable that I couldn’t wait until it was translated to watch it.

At first glance, the main character, Saitama, is almost comically drawn: bald head, yellow pajamas, cape with red gloves. He always appears bored. But not without reason: he’s too powerful.


Regardless of what opponent he encounters, Saitama is able to easily beat them. It doesn’t matter how many others fall before him, because for him, the opponent (normally a monster of sorts) is not a challenge.

But this is what fuels the storyline. He lives in the fictional City Z and works not only to protect it but to become its main hero. In a world where there are professional heroes, you would think that he would be the most revered. But this is not the case.


Because no one is ever around when he destroys the monster. No one ever sees that he is the only thing that stood between the citizens and utter disaster.

Oh yeah, did I forget to mention he has a handsome sidekick that is less powerful but is ranked as a higher hero than him?


One Punch Man is comically absurd but an anime that I enjoyed every moment of. Rumor has it that Season 2 is already underway and personally, I can’t wait. This is not an anime where the storyline and characters need to evolve. This is an anime that needs to stay true to itself. And all it has to do is keep pumping out epic fight scenes without excessive dialog (just a quick jab at Dragon Ball Z). As long as it does, One Punch Man will have a fan base. And I’ll be a part of it.


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