April 2016 Convention Calendar is posted! Anime, Horror, Sci-Fi, Furry, Equestrian, SteamPunk, Comic Book, and Fandom Events

After much work, the April 2016 Convention Calendar has been posted!

I am working on May and June and should have both of those posted before the week is out.

The problem I keep running into is that conventions keep changing their month – and I’m not talking about changing their month from end of May to end of April / beginning of May. That would be too simple. Instead, some of the conventions that were held last June were already held this past January or aren’t scheduled until this November.


Personally, if I was running a convention, I would try to hold it around the same time every year. It makes it a whole lot easier for people to plan annual trips.

The other thing I keep running into is that not all conventions have figured out their dates yet. I will do a special posting with conventions with dates that are “To Be Announced” (TBA). Please check for listings in your area and be aware that I will update this list periodically – hopefully with convention dates.

As always, if anyone is aware of any conventions that I have missed, please hit me up with either a comment containing the name of the convention and its link or through email at thegeekoutletllc@gmail.com.

Thanks as always for reading and have fun geeking out! Hopefully there is a convention in your area just waiting for you to attend.

Marble City


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