Jack Skellington vs Ruby Rose

I’ve been working on a female cosplay for Jack Skellington (from Nightmare before Christmas) and things have been going great. I have almost all the pieces in place (pics coming soon – I promise!) and was so excited that I would debut this at the Oak City Comic Show on April 16th.

But then…

I realized that Animazement is May 26-29.

Now I have to decide: do I A. complete my Jack Skellington costume and go as Jack for both cons or B. finally wear my alternate Ruby Rose (from RWBY) costume to one and go as Jack to the other.

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Frankly, I’m leaning as going as Ruby to Oak City and Jack to Animazement. Last year, I went as a flawed Ruby to Animazement but was able to fix my cosplay in time for Cosplay America (for those of you who don’t know, I encountered some unforeseen issues heading towards Animazement).


After both conventions were done, I decided to put together a Ruby inspired by this pic (one that I have yet to wear to any convention):


Now, I’ve also decided to build a new weapon. I love my scythe but because of its size, I’m generally not allowed to carry it into the dealers room – which is ok, because it’s really crowded and I don’t want to damage it any more than I already have. But that means I either have to leave it in my car or in an unsecure room so that I can shop.

Ehh… no thank you?

Instead, I’ve decided to build Ruby’s gun. It’s really sweet and doesn’t get nearly as much love.


I started last night and have already cut out a couple of pieces out of foam board. I’m going to spray paint them and let them dry while I work on the rest. (The pieces don’t look like much yet, but they will soon.)


If you were in my shoes, what would you do? Would you go as Jack to one and Ruby to the other? Would you go as Jack to both Con’s? Or would you try to create 2 completely different cosplays so that you could go as a Jack to one but someone completely different character to the other?


10 thoughts on “Jack Skellington vs Ruby Rose

  1. Both characters are cool. If I was you, I would pick Ruby. That picture of Ruby in front of the cars look epic and cute. 😀
    If it was me, I pick Jack Skellington.


    • Ahh, thanks so much! I really do enjoy cosplaying as Ruby – we share oh-so-much in common, lol.
      But I have decided to be Ruby again (at least one more time for the moment) and sat in my living room last night tearing apart a Nerf gun to salvage some parts for my gun. It should be fun.
      Once I’m done with Ruby (only 2 weeks away now!) I’ll finish my Jack costume. I think you’ll like that one too. 🙂

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      • Sweet. Ruby is awesome and cute. Speaking of RWBY, I can’t wait for the Chibi spinoff ^^. I am looking forward to the Jack costume. I like him too.


      • I love Chibi spinoff’s! Have you watched the Attack on Titan one? (I know it’s a spinoff, but anytime there are little-big-headed-characters, I tend to think of them as being Chibi’s.)

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      • I forgot about the Attack on Titan Chibi spinoff. I think you can watch it from the Attack on Titan DVDs. I haven’t but I would like to. That and also the Middle School version. Chibis are cool and cute haha.


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