Building my Ruby Rose Gun

I recently decided to debut my alternate Ruby Rose cosplay at Oak City… which is only a couple days away!

Luckily, I put the main pieces of the costume together several months ago but… I just decided to build her gun about 2 weeks ago.

Man, what was I thinking?

I’ve never done anything like this before. My scythe? The one I used with my last cosplay, well, my husband made that. And he did a wonderful job. But I couldn’t ask him for help this time. He’s been busy creating armor for a cosplay that he plans on debuting at Animazement. (Pics to come!)

So… well… I simply started measuring pieces, painting, stripping a nerf gun. I have a few more things to do and paint but I’m almost done (which is such a relief!).



(My dog wanted to say hello!)


I’m hoping to finish up no later than Thursday. Especially since I think I just decided to make a new cape…


3 thoughts on “Building my Ruby Rose Gun

    • Haha! I’ll give him some extra loving. I was taking more pics and my other dog kept photo-bombing them. 🙂

      The gun is much lighter than you’d imagine – just like my scythe. For as large as it is (about 6 feet tall), it only weighed about 10 pds. I think this will weigh about the same when I’m done.

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      • I bet your dog wanted to be Zwel from RWBY. You have a photogenic dog XD.
        The gun is actually light? I guess I assumed t be heavy based on the pictures. It looks pretty cool. It’s going to be great once you finished. 🙂

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