RWBY Ruby Rose Gun Tutorial

As most of you already know, about 3 weeks ago, I decided to build my version of Ruby Rose’s gun.

Sorry, I’ve never done a tutorial before (or made anything like this) but here are basic steps I followed:

First, I found a couple of images online that I could use for reference and inspiration.


After staring at them for what was probably too long, I sketched and cut out the main pieces from foam board.


Then, I spray painted each individual piece (I learned from my mistake of when we built my scythe because the painting took forever!). After painting the basic pieces ( 2 long pieces to house the inner box which I cut the tops off and then glued just inside to create an extra dimension and 6 pieces to house my PVC piping) I glued them all together.

While allowing all of the pieces to dry, I completely disassembled a Nerf gun – knowing that I wanted to use its handle and casing. I figured that I would remove all of the innards in order to keep the weight as light as possible. Frankly, that Nerf gun was a goldmine!


I spray painted all of the pieces that I wanted to use and put the rest aside for a rainy day (who knows when they’ll come in handy again?).

Then, I created a smaller box out of foam board to go around the PVC pipe that sat below what I’m going to call the rifle barrel and gun sight. I cut out 3 pieces of foam board in order to make the shoulder butt (sorry, I have no idea if that’s what it’s actually called) and used some black foam board in order to help give it that curved look. I also cut out 4 circles to create the gears. I painted these using 2 different shades of red in order to create a more mechanical, 3D effect.


For the straight lines on the gun, I used electrical tape. For the small circles, I used Dremel sanding parts. I used the same Dremel pieces on the shoulder butt.


In order to give the gears additional depth, I glued them onto Lays potato chips lids (for the larger ones) and then glued that to my gun. For the smaller one, I only had to glue an additional half shape because it sat where the 2 pieces of foam board met.

3In the end, I put the PVC pipe through the gun, glued it in place, then assembled all of the pieces of the Nerf gun in place so that my gun had a believable barrel and sight.


Frankly, I’m really freaking proud of this gun. I’ve never built anything like this before and can’t wait to build something else.


But before I can do that, I need to finish making my Jack Skellington cosplay. Animazement is only a month away!


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