Who We Are

We are geeks. Fanboys. Fangirls. We love anime. Popular culture. Comic books.
Manga. Action figures. Plush. Cosplay. RPG’s.

We love the people that embrace counter-culture. We adore fans, geeks, nerds. We welcome everyone equally to share and enjoy.

We are people just like you: holding down full-time jobs by day, and exploring our true desires and fantasies, weekends and evenings. We live boring but full lives, enriched by those around us embracing similar interests.

Won’t you join us? Won’t you Geek Out?



8 thoughts on “Who We Are

    • Hey Paul! Sorry for the late response but my computer’s been funny and not letting me post comments. 😦 There should be a “Follow” link somewhere on the page. Unfortunately, I’m not sure where. 😦

      As for the show, just send me the info and I’ll add it. (Would I be correct to assume you want the Chicago Land Expo added?)

      My email is: thegeekoutletllc@gmail.com. Thank you!!!!


Won't you GeekOut with us?

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